New Patient Offer

During your first appointment with us, you can expect…

-> Full Dental, Gingival (Gum) and Soft Tissue Check
-> Oral Cancer Screening
-> All Dental X-rays (if necessary)
-> Full Scale, Clean and Polish of your teeth
-> Oral Hygiene Instructions and Maintenance Advice

If you DO NOT have a private health insurance, your visit will have a Package Price of $180, Price includes Intra-oral small X-rays you may require at the visit, and all questions you may have!

If you DO have a private health insurance, we will charge your private health insurance the following treatment codes:
011 022 022 072 114 121 (037)

Most of the time patients with private health insurances do not incur a gap payment during their first visit to us. We can also recommend on your health insurance plans after your first visit to us so that we can better look after you in the future should we find out that your insurance company refuses to look after you for even a regular checkup and clean!

We have Hicaps terminal on site for fast on-the-spot claiming.

$50 Packaged Consultation

Having a toothache?
Having a bleeding gum?
Having a problem with food sticking in between teeth?
Having a questions to ask one of our dentist?

While you might call up with a question of “How Much?”, many of the dental problems cannot be diagnosed over the phone. And without a diagnosis and understanding of your problem, the dentists are unable to offer you a solution nor a quote. Here at Experteeth Dental Group, we have come up with something unique. We offer a PACKAGED priced consultation service. PACKAGED price means the price includes all necessary Intra-oral X-rays you may need, no extra cost what-so-ever (unless a full exam is proven to be beneficial in which case a full OPG x-ray maybe requested by the dentist).

A 15-30 minute consultation appointment is priced at $50, no frills, just all questions answered.

Orthodontic Consultation

Thinking of getting your kid’s or your own teeth straightened?
Concerned about the cost, timing, duration or aesthetics during treatment?

We are here to help. However it would not be possible for us to provide any personalized suggestion without actually seeing you in person! That’s why we are offering you a $50 Obligation-free consultation! Make an appointment now with us and have all your questions about braces answered in detail. No strings attached. One of our experienced dentists will be happy to answer all the questions you may have.

Our clinic is equipped with all necessary equipment for a proper orthodontic diagnosis, including OPG and cephalometrics. We even have a Sydney-first 3D soft tissue scanner and simulators to simulate your facial profile after orthodontic treatment.

Implant Consultation

At Experteeth Dental Sydney, we take dental implant treatments seriously. Dental implants are meant to last you for a lifetime in your jawbone. Therefore it requires the best material, best craftmanship, best equipment, and of course, the best dentist with the proper training.

At Experteeth Dental Sydney, we have the state-of-the-art equipment available. A cone-beam dental CT provide a 3D view of your jaw bone, providing the dentist with the  most precise measurement of your bone quantity and quality; A class B sterilisation machine and ADA certified sterilisation protocol minimised any surgical infection risk; A modern and well equipped dental treatment room provides comfort and quality equipment needed for surgical operation, and of course, a well trained team of dentists and nurses to provide you with the best experience possible. At Experteeth Dental Sydney, our implants are done in a most minimally invasive way, with hastened healing time. Most patients will be able to go to work the very next day!

We offer a fixed priced consultation of $50 for implant consults. Should you require a 3D volumetric scan of your jawbone, this can be done without referral at our city surgery. This scan enables the dentist to determine the quality and quantity of your available jawbone, as well as a precise computer modeled positioning of your dental implant. The dentist will advice the total cost for the treatment. Unlike other dental clinics, our fee does not change after quoting, regardless of what is discovered during surgical intervention. We also provide a 5 year warranty to our implants, as long as you adhere to a maintenance program of 6 monthly checkup and clean with us after your treatment.

Teeth Whitening

In-chair or Take home? Over-the-counter or Professionally Prescribed?

We have a product/solution to suit you! However the decision is not simple sometimes. Whitening is best done after professional examination and consultation. Sometimes things that causes your teeth to discolour may not be best removed with bleaching or tooth whitening!

We are not a shopping center whitening stool, we think your health comes first. That’s why we insist on a consultation-first basis when it comes to tooth whitening. For a small $50 fee, a professional dentist will examine your teeth in detail, tell you the reason, or etiology, of the discolorations on your teeth, and provide a solution. We believe this is the best approach.

And believe it or not, more than half of the patients wanting cosmetic teeth whitening actually need something other than bleaching to brighten their smile!